Other scooter sites

Vespa Home Page Vespa info from the source. Excellent graphics.

Piaggio WWW server

Big People scooters with a comprehensive spare parts list for Vespa and Lambretta

Vespa obsession with lots of goodies.

Das Archiv, an extremely good German scooter site with lots of technical data for oldies vespas.

TheBollocksPage, A mod-ska-vespa e-zine with various good vespa stuff (and an annoying song playing over and over again :-))

Full Moon Scooter club with the updated FAQ of alt.scooter

Vintage Scooters

A French/English page with a comprehensive picture gallery with model names and features.

Kees Portanjes homepage with lots of pictures from his Scooter museum.


Swedish Scooter Society Home Page (in swedish)

Vespa Club of Canada

Teste Cromate Scooter Club, An Italian scooter club with a page in vespa's native language. Nice pictures of club activity.


There are Vespa Clubs all over the world, start travelling.....

Sweden Taiwan Canada Finland France

"Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission"